Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Key Players in the Colorado Foreclosure Process



Public Trustee
Each county is represented by a public trustee (sometimes also the county Treasurer). The public trustee is responsible for mailing the Notice of Election and Demand (NED) once the mortgage company files for foreclosure. To learn more about public trustees, visit the Public Trustee Association.
Foreclosing Attorney
Mortgage companies are represented by attorneys to file for the foreclosure process in Colorado. There are different foreclosing attorneys’ offices in Colorado, including the following:

Aronowitz & Mecklenburg

Castle Stawiarski

Dale & Decker

Michael P. Medved

Rober J. Hopp & Associates

Foreclosing attorneys also are responsible for posting the Notice of Opportunity for Foreclosure Deferment mandated under HB 1276.
Housing Counselor
A housing counselor is a non-profit employee who can analyze loan products, budgets, and hardship information to present a complete and transparent financial picture to the mortgage company. Counselors work with homeowners to reach the best workout solution for an individual situation.


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